NDDC Operations: Buhari Demands Forensic Audit From 2001


There has been a concern from some quarters challenging the operations of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), therefore President Buhari has directed that a wholesome forensic audit be carried out from year 2001 to date.

While addressing the Governors of the Niger Delta at the state House on Thursday as they paid a courtesy call, lead by Seriaki Dickson, the Governor of Bayelsa state, Buhari disclose it is mind blogging the amount of money expended on the Niger Delta when compared to what is obtainable on ground, therefore ordered the general forensic audit of the whole expenditure.


According to President Buhari, the Act setting up the NDDC when compared with the amount of recourses the Federal Government has allocated to the commission, we will like to see the results on the ground; those that are responsible must explain some gray areas otherwise heads will roll.


All projects the commission claimed to have executed will be meticulously followed up, we cannot just sit down in office while some individuals will be claiming to have spent billions on certain projects without us confirming their true existence Buhari said.


President Buhari noted that developing the Niger Delta area required huge investment when compared to other parts of the country considering its difficult terrain.


“I am acutely aware, with my experience, projects pencilled for development in the Niger Delta is capital intensive; therefore if any contract is awarded, we must make sure that a competent company is selected to execute it with requisite expertise and capacity with experienced consultants,” buhari said.


Meanwhile, he said he would wait for the report of the audit before deciding on the next line of action regarding the organisation.


Governor Dickson in his contribution expressed dissatisfaction of other colleagues with the operations of the NDDC, which they lament was characterised by poor choice of projects, shoddy handling, abandoned projects and lack of mobilising the efforts of the states and local government administration in the region covered by the commission.


He, therefore, called for the repositioning of the NDDC in order to achieve the objectives for which it was set up.