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Sun, Jul

Threatened Strike By NUPENG, PENGASSAN Over Sacked Chevron Workers

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The joint executive council of the Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) has threatened to commence an industrial action against Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) without further notice.

The NUPENGASSAN as called by the joint body stated in a letter to the company that it had watched with concern the anti-labor posture of the management of CNL and the labor contract companies providing services to the company unlawful disengagement of three Nigerian workers.

The joint union as made it known that the treatment meted out to the affected workers is inhumane and contrary to all applicable laws of the country and other international laws that guide employment and safety of workers right, and had issued Chevron a 14-day notice to reinstate the wrongful termination of the Nigerian workers, failure to do so will attract every possible medium to protect the right of the affected workers.

The union said: “As a union, we are greatly disturbed by the disregard for due process in the termination of the jobs of these Nigerians; and we are uncomfortable watching while worker's rights are trampled upon by CNL and her contracting companies,” the joint union noted.

The workers said that CNL through her labor contract companies has directed labor contract personnel working from home to provide receipts for ergonomic chairs and tables for them to be compensated with N70,000, while the chair is $1,250 in the market.

“Therefore, we are demanding unconditional N150,000 flat payment to all affected labor contract personnel working from home as compensation for ergonomic tools required to safely work from home,” the memo stated.

The practice of casual workforce use alleged that management plans to change all the manpower contracts to service contracts as it’s presently happening to IEME, Xepameadow, and YKish contracts.|

“The contractors that supply manpower to Chevron are being categorized as service contractors while the jobs remain labor jobs,” the joint union said.

It added: “The JEC has exhausted her patience over these issues and hopes that management will take the urgently needed steps to avert the looming industrial crisis as no further notice will be given.”