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Sun, May

NLC Halts Strike For 2-Weeks In Imo State

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has halted its industrial action for two weeks after embarking on a strike hence disconnecting the electricity supply in Imo State and at its airport, alleging its government interfering in the electoral process of its new executives. The NLC explained that the suspension of the strike was a result of the intervention by highly respected Nigerians from within and outside Imo state and assurances by agents of the state government to make amends. In a statement signed by Joe Ajaero, its president, the union said the industrial action was called off to enable residents to exercise their right to vote on March 18.

“The suspension of the strike was to ensure an enabling environment for citizens in the state to carry out their civic responsibility by exercising their franchise on the 18th of March, 2023, for the State House of Assembly elections,” Ajaero said.

“Due to persistent interventions by highly respected and well-meaning Nigerians from within and outside Imo state; and especially, in order to have an enabling environment for citizens in the state to perform their civic duty on Saturday, March 18 by way of voting for State House of Assembly candidates of their choice.

“On behalf of the Nigerian Labour Congress, I hereby announce the suspension of the ongoing strike action in Imo state.” “The suspension is expected to last two weeks during which the state government or its agencies are expected to meet up with the demands of the workers in the state.

“In the event, this window of opportunity is not being utilised, the Nigeria Labour Congress will be left with no choice than to resume the suspended action with more ferocity.”