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Actress Queeneth Agbor has through her social media handle disclosed why she took the side of her friend and colleague, Halima Abubakar, concerning her health status, saying people should sympathize with her instead of being judgemental. During an interview with Sunday Scoop, Agbor disclosed that she made the post because she has seen Abubakar going through excruciating pain.

In her post, she said, “I shared the post because I have seen her (Abubakar) go through pain. If those people ‘dragging’ (criticizing) her go through the pain, they may not survive it. I shared the post because friends are supposed to support and stand by each other through pain, criticism, and tears. It is not just during enjoyment, laughter and joyous celebrations you know true friends, but in moments like this.” 

Describing the personality of Halima, Agbor said, “Halima is one selfless, strong, and sweet lady I know. She is a giver. I have yet to see a person that hides her pain just to cheer up a friend that is sad. If minding one’s business was a person, which would be Halima. However, don’t step on her toes. She is always there to give me advice.” 

While cautioning those making blind statements over social media about Abubakar, Agbor explained only “Sinners judge sinners for sinning differently. Her only crime I guess is having the boldness to free herself by telling her truth. However, gullible people will rather ‘drag’ her instead of asking the right questions.”