Teni Features On The Vogue


Nigerian entertainer, Teni has joined the growing list of Nigerian celebrities who have been featured on Vogue Magazine. Her growing popularity is fast becoming an undeniable force not only on the Nigerian music scene but to the rest of the world.

In an interview with Vogue Fashion News director, Chioma Nnadi, the award-winning musician talks about living life without limits and redefining what it means to be a woman.

Extract from the interview are stated hereunder:

Talking about the title of her new single, Teni reveals,

“I want to make ‘Sugar Mummy’ a positive term. She is a woman with swag, who looks good, who is proud to be different.” It’s that pride, that refusal to confirm that has set Teni in a different lane to her peers. Pushing against the sexy narrative and choosing to be unapologetically herself, Teni has already redefined what it means to be a woman and marched to the beat of her own drum.

The musician continues,

“There’s an assumption that women have to look a certain way to be feminine, but I don’t want to conform to that stereotype,” she says. “My thing is this: You don’t get to decide how I choose to live my life. I’m being me respect that. UGA, the university I went to, was mostly PWI—that’s short for a predominantly white institution. I remember someone even asked me if I had elephants in my backyard, it was wild. The other students would look at me crazy when I showed up to class in traditional dress, too. But you know that’s who I am. That’s my culture. If you can wear your blue jeans, I can wear this.”

Teni has been making waves with her music as she continues to release hit after hit. From “Case”, “Uyo Meyo”, and now to “Sugar Mummy”, The music star is proving that she is here to stay and her talent undeniable.