Popular Nigerian rapper, Zoro has called on Nigerians to redirect their energy against the government following its alleged inability to address challenges confronting the country before attacking youths engaging in 'yahoo yahoo'.

Zoro who made the call in an exclusive interview with Pulse said the number one problem was the government and not internet fraud.

According to him
"This other one that you people are talking about, there is a lot of problems to be worried about in Nigeria. If I would sincerely want to say how I feel...sincerely prioritise the problems of Nigeria, I'll go back to number one, you get me. So if you have the strength to actually go out there to protest, protest about the government, not yahoo boys...that's my own. If you think your patriotism is on the apex, number one level, protest about your government. Let them protest about the country, if you say our boys nor get conscience to begin press to begin dey scam people, if job dey, nobody go dey do all those things.

According to the rapper, despite our struggles with Internet fraudsters, the entertainment industry has been able to pride itself as one of the biggest exports out of the country.

"So I feel like people are misplacing priorities...go to other peoples' countries, they don't have time to start pressing laptop because there are jobs to do when you finish school. Now finish school, you go first begin record song, you go like sing first or carry camera begin do social media Instagram influencer.

Work nor dey bro, minimum wage how many thousand. Money wen nor go buy you, Hennessy, somebody's one month's salary. And you want people to come many minimum wages will you save to be able to marry a good wife? With the type of expenses that are associated with go buy one human hair first na," he concluded.