Burnaboy Performs On Trevor Noah’s Daily Show


Afro-fusion singer, Burna Boy on Tuesday made an appearance as a guest and performed on the late-night comedy show ‘The Daily Show’ with Trevor Noah.


The American talk show hosted by the South African comedian who humorously discusses socio-cultural issues. The show has won 24 Emmy Awards.


Burna Boy, who guest-starred alongside Mark Sanford, a former US representative and former Governor of South Carolina performed his hits songs ‘Ye’ and ‘Anybody’ from his ‘African Giant’ Album.


During the show, the singer explained his reasons for accusing Coachella of using tiny fonts to write his name on the posters.


“I am looking for my name and I can’t find my name. I am like – am I really performing?


“They had to circle it for me. That’s never happened to me before. I am used to being the African giant.


“I didn’t like it and I expressed myself. Not just for that but so, everyone that comes after me won’t have to go through that,” he said.