Nigerians Blast Dino On Flaunting House


Nigerians have blasted a former senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District in the 8th National Assembly, after flaunting his wealth on social media.


Senator Dino Melaye took to his Twitter on Monday evening to post pictures of his well-furnished mansion with an accompanying message: “Don't ask me how.

Ask God who has made me his personal project.

God, you are great…Great is your name.

Dino MELAYE is thanking you every day.”

Reactions from the post were mostly furious, calling on the anti-graft agencies in the country to investigate the source of his wealth.

One furious Nigerian said sarcastically, “Our money looks good on you sir. We can’t love you less.”

Some of the comments are;

@Drmuzoic Asked if the lives of the people you represented at the senate as beautiful as this?

@dbaba79 Good question, imagine a lawmaker coming out here to brag about riches when he should be representing his people in the house, bringing about positive change & being a good example.

It’s sad that we mistake riches for wealth & put the flashes things before the important ones.

@IbezimMillion Flaunt our money in our faces. People can die for all you care.

With the poverty and deaths going on in the country, you show us your affluence and riches.

Riches that you and your kind took from us.

@darealsimple_ Shameless man... you dey use public funds dey oppress us here!


@ArewaGimbiyan See as you dey look 4 trouble?

When a pauper suddenly becomes rich without no sweat, he shows off.

Guy, there are better ways of appreciating God than flaunting ur house.

How many genuine rich/healthy have u seen flaunting their riches?

Humility is a virtue, Accidental Rich Man!

@magmal11 If not in a godforsaken country like Naija where mediocre exhibits their mediocrity with fanfare & utmost finesse unchallenged, how can he come in the open to show his affluence when he does nothing like buying & selling, manufacturing etc but opportunistic politicking?