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TAMPAN Suspends Yomi Fabiyi Indefinately


The Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) has indefinitely suspended and denounced the membership of popular Yoruba actor, Yomi Fabiyi, over the release of his controversial movie, ‘Oko Iyabo’. TAMPAN who had earlier summoned Fabiyi on Thursday, July 8 announced his suspension on Friday, saying its Ethics, Conflict and Resolution Committee found him guilty of professional misconduct and unethical practices.

In response to the suspension, Yomi Fabiyi denounced his TAMPAN ‘membership’ in an Instagram update he made. ‘‘I have never obtained or signed any form with TAMPAN or joined any guild. I am originally an ANTP member, worst case I will renew my membership there’’ - Fabiyi

He added that he paid for registration to join TAMPAN but was not given any form to authenticate his membership.

“I was made to pay for registration which I did but no form was collected or formal procedure.

“The letter is inappropriate and not valid for me as a Filmmaker. Any reaction, if necessary, will be on the basis of Human Rights Violation, if I so wish to seek judicial redress. You don’t lose what you never had,” he said.

In relation to the suspension, TAMPAN stated that except the work of art is a “Cinema Verite”, no one is allowed to use the real name(s) of other people (s) in a feature film.

“That the story, plot, theme, title, dialogue, names and general content of the film “Oko Iyabo” is a factual presentation that may give rise to prejudice since the matter is already in court. His misconducts and unethical practices have impacted negatively on the image and reputation of our association,” the statement said in part.

“Although Mr Yomi Fabiyi insisted that it is his fundamental human right to use his creative talent to produce films that will tell his own account of the trending issue, his Co-Director admitted his fault and regretted his involvement in the film,” the statement also said.

Meanwhile, TAMPAN has summoned all its members who acted in the film to appear before the Ethic, Conflict & Resolution Committee on 24 July 24.