Coronavirus Didn’t Stopped Me From Creating Good Songs – Cricifix

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Crucifix revealed that his inspiration to write and produce music comes from a variety of sources like personal experience and social happenings around him. The star singer, Oscar Chibuike is also known as Crucifix said African women are the biggest influence of his music content.

The independent singer revealed that he ventured into music as early as the age of six, say he is determined to make it to the top of the carrier.

Though said he might have to face some challenges but he believed that when it is his time to blow, he would be unstoppable.

He said the way God works is not the way of man and therefore he is not bothered by those who have gone far ahead of him.

While others were affected by the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, the singer and songwriter expressed that “with practice, focus and determination I’ve been able to achieve a lot especially in this pandemic where you have to worry about so many things.

He added, “The pandemic didn’t deter me from staying focused knowing where I’m heading to.”

His recent song, “your worth” dedicated to African Women, saying that, women folks have gone through a lot and deserve all the love.

He said; “I have always been a preacher of love as I want my fans to accept my gospel of love and kindness especially towards women.

“The fact remains that we have taken so much from our women and it’s time we protect and show them love which is mostly not applicable in this part of the world. African women deserve love and kindness because, without them, there will be no future,” the singer added.