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The altercation between Kiss Daniel and his former record label G-Worldwide entertainment is far from being over as the latter has accused the 'woju' crooner of being economical with the truth, stressing that hundreds of millions have been paid to him in the last three years. Recall that yesterday, reports emerged that the singer nearly committed suicide because of the working condition under his former record label. The report had claimed that G-Worldwide was paying the singer only N30, 000 before it was increased to about N50, 000.

In a statement released on Thursday by the record label, G-Worldwide claimed that it had paid the singer hundreds of millions and was also responsible for the singer's accommodation, feeding, wardrobe, studio bills, music and video production among other things.

The statement added that while there is a provision for termination of contract in the agreement entered into by both parties, all the laid down steps must be taken to activate the provision. The statement read in part;

"There has been a lot of misinformation in the media as to the background of Kiss Daniel’s wrongful exit from G-Worldwide Entertainment; firstly the management of G-Worldwide Entertainment wishes to state it had never been its intention to seek legal redress, nor join issues with an artist who we fear is being given bad legal advice. However, we feel it is important that we set the records straight for the benefit of the general public and others who are interested in knowing the truth.


Contrary to rumours making the rounds that Kiss Daniel was only on NGN 30,000 salary since he joined the label up until after the release of the Woju and Laye singles, this is nothing but falsehood. Before the release of those singles in 2014, Kiss Daniel was being paid a monthly allowance of NGN 30,000 to cover basic personal costs whilst he was still in his father’s house in Kuto, Abeokuta, he was also given a medical allowance of NGN 150,000 and other unrecorded stipends whilst no revenue was being generated by him. This remained the norm while the label invested heavily in recording sessions, productions, transportation, and other costs associated with developing him as an artist.

Loans of up to NGN 550,000 were given to him within 2 weeks of his signing onto the label for him to get a car for his mom to start a Taxi business. There are documents to back this. In addition following his request for financial support for his dad’s burial, G-Worldwide released the sum of NGN 200,000 to him which was exactly what Kiss Daniel requested for. As recent as October 2017, he again requested for a loan to run his account in order to acquire a house for himself under a mortgage, to this end the company released NGN 13,000,000 (Thirteen Million Naira) to him though the company was not obligated under the contract to do so.

As per the contract between Kiss Daniel and G-Worldwide, the label was meant to recoup its investment before any royalty-sharing was to commence; the only provision available for the artiste was allowances and loans which would be at the discretion of the label. In June 2015 following his return from his UK tour, the company amended the contract and immediately began the payment of royalties as agreed and from that time till the wrongful termination of his contract.


G-Worldwide has paid Kiss Daniel the sum of NGN 117,233,318 (One Hundred and Seventeen Million, Two Hundred Thirty-Three Thousand and Three Hundred and Eighteen Naira) as royalties from performances alone, he has also received money from other incomes to the sum of NGN 3,296,826.40 (Three Million, Two Hundred and Ninety Six Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Six Naira and forty kobo) for the financial record of 2016 as opposed to the false allegations made by him and his lawyers (The company’s books of account support this) As it stands, Kiss Daniel owes G-Worldwide Entertainment quite a large sum of money for the financial year due to end in 2018.

Following the signing of the contract in 2013, Kiss Daniel moved into an apartment furnished by the label in April 2014 in Lekki Lagos and only moved out in October 2015. Despite the terrible picture painted by Kiss Daniel to the media, the label actually during that period undertook the payment of all the bills in the said apartment, including waste, power, service charges, feeding, etc.

The statement also faulted claims that the record label was responsible for his absence at his father's burial.

We have also noted the falsehood that at the time of his father’s demise, the label barred him from attending the burial. Let it be on record that immediately the news of his father’s demise filtered in, Emperor Geezy, CEO of the label authorized that his own personal car is used to convey Kiss Daniel to Abeokuta to attend and be a part of his father’s burial.


The label CEO’s brother even accompanied him on this trip, as well as one of the label’s staff. Interestingly on arriving at a hotel in Abeokuta which had been fully paid for by the label, he refused to attend his own father’s burial on the grounds that he believed that his family is fetish and were responsible for his father’s death.