R. Kelly Set to Sue Makers of "Surviving R. Kelly"


In a swift reaction to criticism and counter criticism that greeted the release of Lifetime’s six-part documentary series, tagged ‘Surviving R. Kelly’. R. Kelly has revealed he'll be suing everybody who had anything to do with the release.

According to report credited to TMZ, although the R & B legend has not seen the documentary, he is allegedly “disgusted” by the series and believes those who participated in it have a vendetta against him. He, however, claims he didn’t know half the people who were interviewed for the show and insists the other half hates him for personal and professional reasons. He says there were various people who wanted to defend him, but the producers wouldn’t allow it.

Surviving R. Kelly documentary takes an in-depth look at accusations made against the controversial artist, including claims that he has had sex with underage girls, severally abuse numerous women, and even ran a “sex cult” from his Chicago home.

Keynotes of the documentary included R. Kelly’s alleged inappropriate sexual relationship with Aaliyah. The former backup singer, Jovante Cunningham, said she caught the couple having sex on a tour bus while on the road. Aaliyah’s mother, Diane Haughton, denies anything like that ever occurred.

The controversial documentary, somewhat had a positive impact on Kelly's online music as it has received a 16% surge in streaming service Spotify.