Exclusive Reports

The United States Embassy in Nigeria has denied reports that it rejected the visa application of Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners' Chapel International. According to Punch, a newspaper had reported that the cleric was denied a visa, a report which went viral on social media.

In a tweet on Friday, the US Embassy denies the claim, describing it as fake news. It further appealed to Nigerians to help defeat the misinformation by communicating to everyone that the report is completely false.

The tweet reads; "FalseNews Alert! Be advised, the reports making the rounds about a visa being denied to Nigerian Bishop Oyedepo are false.

"If you have seen this manufactured item in the media, help defeat this #misinformation by communicating to everyone that it is completely false."

Meanwhile, Winners Chapel has also reacted to the report. In a statement on Friday, the Chairman, Editorial and Media Board of Winners, Prof. Sheriff Folarin said at no time was the Bishop denied Visa into the US. He explained that Oyedepo still has a valid visa on his passport and would not have applied for another one as reported.

The statement reads in part; "Mainstream and online media (not The PUNCH) spaces this morning (Friday) were abuzz with the news that Bishop David Oyedepo was denied an entry visa to the United States on Thursday, January 30, 2020. We wish to put it on record and categorically submit that this piece of information is not true. At no time was the Bishop denied a visa, nor did he create a scene at the US consulate in Lagos, as purported by some mainstream and online newspapers.

"The Bishop renewed his visa, last year, without any initial denial or drama, or scene. The Bishop was not at the Embassy or Consulate yesterday or even anytime this year. Bishop has been in Canaanland all this week. The last time he applied for a visa, which was last year, he was issued without delay."