Misadventures Of Israeli Filmmakers In Nigeria

The uproar surrounding the arrest and detention of 3 Israeli filmmakers in Nigeria by the Department of State Services is unnecessary and misconceived. The desperate move exhibited by the trio in hastily releasing a video to paint the country and the intelligence agency in bad light further justifies an innate motive to cast aspersions.

Merchants of War Beating Drums of War with the Alleged Killing of Igbo Christians in Kibiya, Kano State.

It is regrettable that while many Nigerian patriots are assiduously banding together on the workability of the Nigerian nationhood through national cohesion and unity. However, some unpatriotic citizens whom we can refer to as Merchants of War, are deepening contradictions of the Nigerian state, promoting micro-nationalism, parochial ethnic identity. It is worthy to note, that the fight for growth and development of any country in the world usually encounters ill-willed obstacles aimed at hindering its actualization of nationhood and greatness. History is replete with records of struggles of nationhood for all countries globally.

Security Apparatus and the Difficulty in Handling Protests

The recent invasion of the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C, United States by aggrieved pro-Trump supporters on January 6, 2021 has showed that the level of a country’s development or its security force doesn’t equal to a definite success in securing peace and protecting lives and property in the said nation. The U.S which has a 2000-person force at the legislative complex failed to deploy them to maintain peace and foil any threat on government infrastructure even after days of preparation.

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