The Making Of The 10th National Assembly

As the dust raised by the 2023 general elections is beginning to settle, a mighty political wind is growing a speck of thicker dust with the potential to mar an amicable relationship between the incoming executive and leadership of the National Assembly. With the results from all, except a few, polling units declared, none of the four major political parties has a clear majority to form the leadership of the National Assembly. At the moment, about 35 House of Representative seats has not been declared because of the cancellation of results in some polling units across the federation.

DSS STATEMENT: Why Undemocratic Elements Are Paranoid

Recently, the DSS in a bid to preserve democratic ethos in the country, issued a statement alerting well meaning Nigerians of perceived grand plans by subversive elements to truncate democracy. The Secret Olokpa claimed that some aggrieved politicians, unfavorably disposed to the outcome of the 25th February poll, are clandestinely contriving to truncate democracy by all means possible.


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has once again resorted to cheap rhetoric in a bid to remain relevant in Nigeria’s political arena. This is without minding the tainting effect such could have on the dynamics of the current political structure.

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