South Africa’s Jacob Zuma Faces Corruption Inquiry

Africa News

Former South African President, Jacob Zuma on Monday told a judicial inquiry investigating him on corruption allegations that he is a victim of foreign intelligence plot aimed at ousting him from power.
Zuma who was ousted by the African National Congress (ANC) in 2018 was alleged to have knowingly presided over a corrupt government and illegally granting public contracts to a family of Indian businessmen, the Gupta.


In his testimony, the former head of state asserted that foreign intelligence used spies to infiltrate the ANC as part of a plot to smear his image.

He said "This commission, from my understanding, was really created to have me coming here and perhaps to find things on me,"

"There has been a drive to remove me from the scene, a wish that I should disappear," Zuma added.

The five days televised inquiry led by Raymond Zondo, a senior judge will investigate allegations of the ‘state capture’ during his 9-year rule.

Since his resignation, Zuma has been in court regarding corruption allegation on a multi-billion dollar contract involving the acquisition of military hardware from Thales, a French defence company for the South African forces in 1994.