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Ugandan Parliament Criminalises Homosexuality, Set Capital Punishment For Offenders

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Uganda's parliament has passed anti-gay legislation which criminalises the act and further proposed a prison sentence and death penalty for those who are caught in the act, and those promoting any of such.

The Bill which was passed late on Tuesday inside a packed parliamentary chamber in the capital Kampala was the second time the country will be passing it in its legislature after that of 2013 was nullified by a court on procedural grounds in 2014.

According to the Parliament Communications Director, Chris Obore, the focus of the bill is for the protection of traditional family values, cherished culture, children and youth.

He added that the bill was popular among the legislator, and once signed by the president into law, will prohibit same-sex sexual relationships and the promotion of homosexuality, penalise homosexual practices, and provide compensation to victims of homosexuality.