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Sun, May

Ugandan Government Goes Tough on LGBTQ, Impose Death Penalty On Offenders

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Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni had yesterday signed the Ugandan toughest anti-LGBTQ laws proposing the death penalty to perpetual offenders which has provoked widespread condemnation from the West, including the threat of aid withholding. Since the discussion on same-sex relationships started in the West, most African leaders have refused to subscribe to the idea of viewing it with disdain with Uganda inclusive.

Uganda has proscribed capital punishment for “serial offenders” against the law and transmission of a terminal illness like HIV/Aids through gay sex, it went further to decree a 20 years jail term for anyone found promoting homosexuality. 

According to a Ugandan rights activist, Clare Byarugaba, "The Ugandan president has today legalized state-sponsored homophobia and transphobia," 

United States President Joe Biden described the Ugandan move as a “Tragic violation” of Human rights and said his administration would evaluate its implication in all the dealing of the United state with Uganda henceforth. 

Biden said, "We are considering additional steps, including the application of sanctions and restriction of entry into the United States against anyone involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption," 

Museveni was captioned signing the law with his golden pen where he described the LGBTQ as a deviation from normal urging his lawmakers to resist imperialist pressure. 

Accordingly, some 10 individuals and one local Human Rights organization have approached the constitutional court to seek redress. 

The president had returned the original Bill passed in march back to the floor of the House asking the parliament to tone down some provisions, but his final approval was not seen as in doubt in such a conservative country where in recent time the LGBTQ rejection has increased due to campaign by some churches. 

As the country receives billions of dollars as aid each year with some Westerners as investors, the country could come under threat with the new law as it happened nine years ago.