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French Election: Emmanuel Macron Re-Elected For Second Term

Europe News

French President Emmanuel Macron has been reelected for a second term after defeating far-right leader, Marine Le Pen by more than 15% of the votes on Sunday. En route to his victory, He has become the first sitting president in 20 years to be re-elected. President Macron, the first president to win re-election since Jacques Chirac in 2002 gathered 58.8% of the vote, while Le Pen in her third attempt at the presidency gathered about 41.2%, which is a staggeringly wide margin according to projections.

The 44-year-old president in his victory note acknowledged that majority of the voters casted ballots for him simply to keep out the far-right Le Pen. He has now pledged to reunite the country that is “filled with so many doubts, so many divisions” and work to assuage the anger of French voters that fed Le Pen’s campaign.

While accepting defeat, Le Pen said her unprecedented vote total represented “a shining victory in itself. The ideas we represent are reaching summits.” She further vowed to keep up the fight, with the June parliamentary elections in mind. “I will never abandon the French,” she said to supporters chanting “Marine! Marine!”