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Fri, Dec

Biden Visit Ukraine, Pledges $500m In Military Aid

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US President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kyiv today, Monday 20th Of February ahead of the first year anniversary of the Russia/Ukraine war. The president made a 10-hour train ride from the border of Poland to the embattled capital of Ukraine on Monday, to show his administration’s unwavering support to the country and President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Biden, upon arriving in Ukraine, it was reported that the air-raid siren sounded, however, no missiles were fired by the Russians. The alarm was said to be triggered by a Russian MIG fighter jet taking off in Belarus, which borders Ukraine to the north. A missile from a MIG fired from Belarus can hit a target in Kyiv in under 20 minutes.

According to witnesses, President Biden while accompanied by Mr Zelensky’s side in Mariinsky Palace declared “One year later, Kyiv stands" before going on to announce that the US will be releasing another $500 million in military aid in the coming days, mentioning artillery ammunition, Javelin missiles and Howitzers.