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Israel-Hamas Ceasefire: Biden Pledges To Help Rebuild Gaza, Urging A Two-State Solution

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United States President Joe Biden has Friday pledged to assist in the rebuilding of Gaza, saying the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel is the “only answer” in resolving the conflict. “There is no shift in my commitment to the security of Israel, period, no shift, not at all,” he said.

“But I tell you what there is a shift in. The shift is that we still need a two-state solution. It is the only answer, the only answer,” Biden stated.

However, he reiterated that “there is no shift in my commitment, commitment to the security of Israel”, adding that the region will have to acknowledge Israel’s existence or “there will be no peace.”

The call for the Two-State with Palestine and Israel as sovereign states, sharing Jerusalem as capital has been on for decades but Palestinian leaders had rejected it.