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Sun, Jul

Netanyahu Out As Israel Swears In New Government

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Israel has on Sunday approved a new coalition government, led by Right-wing Nationalist Naftali Bennet, ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year tenure as Prime Minister. Bennett was sworn in as Prime minister, leading the coalition party after parliament voted for the new government in a 60-59 thin majority. Israel’s new prime minister will lead centrist, right-wing, left-wing, as well as a party that represents the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who make up 21 percent of the country’s population.

Vigil360news reports that the coalition government agreed to a rotation of power where Bennett will lead as PM until September 2023 then handing over power to Yair Lapid of the Centrist Yesh Atid party for another two years.

However, representatives of Palestinians are unimpressed by the new government as the “government of change” will mainly focus on domestic reforms, showing little or no prospects for peace negotiations, saying Bennett may likely follow the same agenda as Netanyahu.

"This is an internal Israeli affair. Our position has always been clear, what we want is a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital," a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said.

Also, a spokesman for Hamas said "It is an occupation and a colonial entity, which we should resist by force to get our rights back."

Speaking during the debate in parliament, Netanyahu promised that his party will return, saying “We’ll be back.” and later shook Bennett’s hand.

President Joe Biden of the United States has congratulated Bennett on his win, saying he looks forward to working with the new prime minister.