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Thousands of Nigerians will miss their visa appointment as the United State Embassy in Abuja FCT and its consulate in Lagos has shutdown indefinitely. Consequently, this may mean persons who have applied for study, tourist, business and immigrant visas or any travel document relating to USA will have to wait till further notice.

The notice of shutdown was communicated on facebook post that the problem was caused by the government shutdown in the United State, according to Punch.

The statement read ““Due to the current US government shutdown, the American centres located in the embassy, Abuja and Consulate-General, Lagos is unfortunately closed.

Accordingly, they will be reopened as soon as the US government shutdown is resolved, they apologised for the inconveniencies this may cause their patrons.

The executive arm of the US government led by President Donald Trump and the legislative arm have been at loggerheads for nearly two months over Trump’s attempt to erect a wall along the Mexican border.
Building a wall at the Mexican border was one of Presidential Trump manifestos as part of effort to restrain illegal migration and crime.

He has boasted during his campaign that Mexican government would foot the cost of erecting the wall. However, the Mexican government has refused Mr, Trumps proposal of paying for the wall. Alternatively, Trump opted for two Countries to foot the bill which the US legislature has blatantly refused his request of providing $5bn to fund the wall.

On December 11, Trump held a televised meeting with Speaker-designee, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, in which he asked them to support his government with $5bn to fund the border wall, they refused.
Trump said: “I am proud to shut down the government for border security … I will be the one to shut the government down. I’m not going to blame you for it … I will take the mantle.