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Sun, May

Gunmen Shoot Nine People Outside Bar In Philadelphia

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Nine people were shot outside of a bar in Philadelphia Saturday night, according to police. The Police revealed that the gunmen exited a black-colored vehicle that was parked in the middle of the block and fired about 40 shots. Nine of the people were rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.


It happened around 10:45 p.m. in the area of East Allegheny and Kensington avenues.


What happened leading up to the shooting wasn’t immediately clear, but First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford with the Philadelphia Police Department said it may have been targeted.


“At this point in time, it just looks like these individuals may have spotted someone they wanted to shoot at, exited the vehicle, and began firing at the group of individuals that were there. We don’t have much more than that in terms of motive,” Stanford said.


The shooters remained at large early Sunday morning.


“We have some brazen [criminals] in this city that don’t care. They don’t care how many police officers are out here. And some of them don’t care how many people are out here,” Stanford said. “We continue to do what we need to do to get these individuals in custody.”