WHO Calls For added Cross Border Collaboration On Malaria Free Africa

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has beckoned on African countries to allocate more resources and strengthen cross-border collaboration to achieve a malaria-free Africa.

The WHO Country Representative in Nigeria, Dr. Wondi Alemu, made the call in Abuja while addressing journalists on the World Malaria Day 2018 with the theme: 'Ready to Beat Malaria'.

Dr. Alemu mentioned that the World Malaria Day is an occasion to renew political commitment and sustained investment for malaria prevention and control.

The world malaria day is celebrated on April 25, focusing global attention on malaria and its devastating impact on families, communities and development.

"We are calling on all African countries affected by malaria to work with development partners to boost investment in malaria prevention and control, especially new tools to combat malaria," he added.

"It will propel countries along the road to elimination to continue in contributing to the achievement of other sustainable development goals, such as improving maternal and child health."