ECOWAS Chastises African Leaders For Not Doing Enough To Curb Drug Abuse

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The Head of Drug Control and Civil Society (DCCS) of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), Hajia Raimat Momodu in Abuja on Wednesday, 19th December 2018 accused African leaders most especially, Nigerian Government of not doing enough on the fight against drug abuse among its populace.

She specifically raised the alarm over what she called "dangerous trend of drug abuse among youths and housewives in Nigeria".

Momodu made the claim while speaking to journalists on the sidelines of ECOWAS Public Awareness Programme on Drug Prevention. The programme was targeted at vulnerable groups in Ogun State. She asserted that the effects of drug abuse could hamper economic and productivity growth, if not tackled headlong.

The ECOWAS official also, lamented that a number of African leaders have ratified many agreements to fight the menace, but fail to implement such. She appealed to the media to hold leaders at all level accountable while demanding greater advocacy to stem the tide of drug abuse.

She also stressed the need to that "to win the war, you have to be sincere with yourself". Adding that right now, it appears African countries are in self-denial by pretending it’s not a big problem.

According to her, all over Nigeria, there are youths, children, women and sometimes, adults who are abusing drugs. More women are taking drugs now, even the housewives. It’s rising. It’s a dangerous trend that has to be condemned in its entirety.