Airfares Surge Amidst Escalating Protests Against Police Brutality in Nigeria

Nationwide News

Domestic Airfares during the weekend surged in an unprecedented manner, a situation which some blame on the sustained ongoing protests against police brutality in the country. The price regime was reflected by several carriers on weekend flights for one-way trips from Lagos to Abuja. Initially, the cost of domestic flights in the country ranged from N27,000 to N38,000 depending on the class of ticket purchased. During the weekend however, carriers like Dana Air saw an increase in airfares as its prices ranged for N36,000 to N42,300 for economy Saver while Economy Flexible stood at 47,000. As for Arik Air, economy class tickets went for N43, 944 while business class went for N99,176 on Sunday.

According to checks Aero contractors, demanded passengers to pay between N34,310 and N87,812 for flexible economy and business class respectively.

Air Peace prices ranged from N38,800 to N60,000 for economy flexi while it recorded N80,000 for business flights.

Worried passengers indicated they had rather opt for buses for transportation than bear the financial burden the spike.

Some airport operators, argued that the price increase was not as a result of the ongoing protests which have been the cause of heavy gridlock across major highways in some states. They however, failed to provide solid reason for the price hike.

In a related development, a number of air passengers in Lagos missed their flights as the intensified protests paralysed activities and disrupted traffic along the Ikeja, Oshodi and Airport Road routes. Businesses were shut in major cities across Nigeria on Monday. Physical bank transactions were also hampered in Lagos, Abuja and others.