National Anthem, Pledge Must Be Recited At Official Functions – Tinubu Directs

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President Bola Tinubu has henceforth directed that the National Pledge should be recited after the National Anthem at every official and public engagements. Tinubu revealed that this would ensure respect for our national symbols, strengthen allegiance and fidelity to the country and preserve Nigeria’s ethos and defining character in the nationhood.. The president made the disclosure yesterday at a ground breaking ceremony of the 3,112 housing units, a Renewed Hope City at Karsana, Abuja. 

He added that this would instil in citizens the very important of respecting national values, promoting the nation’s ideals, and abiding by its established norms. 

This is coming at a backdrop where some politicians out of sycophancy were alleged to be singing ‘on your mandate we stand’ instead of national anthem during official functions. 

To change the narrative instead, Tinubu said, “Before I left home this morning, I asked for a printout of the National Pledge, and we have to re-launch it again at this event.” 

According to him, the re-launch is geared towards being committed to the national values, greatness and hope of the country. 

The president added, “It is our pledge to Nigeria, our country, to be faithful, loyal, and honest. To serve Nigeria with all your strength – we saw it on the field of play yesterday. 

“We were all rejoicing. Everyone one of us loves victory. We love to win. When you are positive and you are hopeful, Nigeria is winning.“We did not say it will be Eldorado and smooth all the way. But we are confident that this country will excel in all ramifications. 

“We will defend our unity and uphold Nigeria’s glory in every way possible because we are Nigerians, and we have no other country,” Mr Tinubu concluded.