Judicial Autonomy: Lawmaker Hail President Buhari, Calls For Similar Move In Education Sector

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The state House of Assembly Member representing Oshodi/Isolo2 state constituency in Lagos State, Mr. Jude Chukwuemeka Idimogu, has applauded President Muhammadu Buhari for granting autonomy to state Judiciary and their Legislature counterpart in the country.

Idimogu stated this while recounting the essential of the June 12 as Democracy Day, calls on the Buhari to give the same gesture to the education sector in the county. 

The Lawmaker expressed sadness over what he described as the education sector drifting from bad to worse in the country courtesy of the damages caused by corruption in the sector. 

He recalls that prior to the fourth republic before the 1999 General election, education was always placed on the fourth list of the National priority in the country, however, with the coming of the politicians on board, education has been relegated to the background

In his statement, “But now, it is totally different. Attention has shifted to other sectors that would add little or no meaning to the Nigerian child. I commend all the teachers and lecturers for their selfless services despite poor motivation.”

Idimogu, who is also the leader of the Igbo speaking community in Lagos state, expressed sadness that for teachers to earn ends-meet, they have to involve in extra-curricular businesses to argue their income for family feeding which he said is taking away their time for teaching. 

However, lamented that such behavior has drifted their attention from their core mandate leading to the general society ending up with half-baked students at the end of the day.

In his opinion, “If education is considered as one of the top priorities of Nigeria, 70 percent of the country´s politicians will not be sending their children overseas for studies.
“It is this nonchalant attitude that Nigeria education is going down the drain steadily, the same way poor infrastructure facilities are hampering the proper development of the Nigerian child.” 

On a lighter note, the lawmaker urged President Buhari to run an inclusive government by giving chance to Igbos to participate in his administration, saying this would pipe down the cry for the marginalization that is coming from them.

Meanwhile, he challenged his Igbo brothers to identify with the mainstream of Nigerian politics to enjoy the maximum benefit of the government.