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Tinubu Meets Buhari Declares Plans To Run For Presidency Come 2023

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After months of speculation the one time Lagos State governor and a national leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has made known his quest to contest the forthcoming Presidential seat come 2023. This was disclosed to newsmen on Monday after a closed-door meeting at the Presidential Villa with the President, Tinubu revealed his plans to actualize his ambition under the umbrella of the ruling party.

“I’ve informed the President of my ambition,” Tinubu told newsmen after meeting Buhari on Monday in Abuja. “It’s been my life-long ambition. There’s nowhere in the world where a kingmaker cannot himself be king.”

“I answer that with a categorical yes. I’ve informed the President of my intention but I have not informed Nigerians yet. I’m still consulting. And I have no problem consulting. And I’ve noticed that a parameter of limitation to the extent of how many people will I consult,” he said.

“You will soon hear. All you want to hear is the categorical declaration. You’ve gotten that truth from me that I have informed Mr. President of my ambition,” he said.

Asked why he would not remain a kingmaker rather than seeking to be the king, he said there is nothing that stops a kingmaker from becoming the king unless he has committed murder