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Thu, Feb

Plan Protest: Arewa Group Caution Electorates To Give Tinubu More Time To Fix The Economy

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Group identified as an amalgamation of pro-democracy groups from the 19 Northern states under the aegis of Arewa Initiative for Defence and Promotion of Democracy, has yesterday called on Nigerians to ignore ‘sponsored protests’ staged against the Federal Government in Kano and Minna recently. The groups, under the chairmanship of Professor Shehu Abdullahi Ma’aji, said the harsh economic realities being experienced by Nigerians was a consequence of a comatose economy handed over to Tinubu by Buhari administration. 

On Monday, some dissident group in Minna, the capital of Niger State took to the street, protesting against harsh economic situations facing the citizenry in the country with attended hyper-inflation in prices of commodities, especially food items. 

Prof Ma’aji, while addressing newsmen at Transcorp Hilton hotel yesterday in Abuja revealed that pockets of protests staged in some states were uncalled for as President Tinubu is aware of everything and at the same time working hard to ensure the problem is fixed. 

According to him, an eight-month-old government is too early to be assessed, let alone criticized by people with ulterior motives, calling on well meaning Nigeria to shun anything that will pre-empty the government on delivering the dividend of democracy. 

Ma’aji reiterated on his call to Nigerians to exercise more patience a little longer and show patriotism by cooperating with this administration in its bid to find solutions to the country’s twin problems of economy and insecurity. 

He revealed that especially in the hyper-inflation aspect, Nigeria is not alone as other parts of the world are experiencing the same problem. 

The Professor reiterate the allegiance of the northern Nigerian behind president Tinubu and his administration saying they will continue to support the administration ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda. 

In his statement, “The current administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu inherited a lot of problems from the past administration of Muhammadu Buhari which it is currently trying to address. 

“The solutions to the problems cannot be instantly solved but in a gradual pattern. 

“Nigerians should show patriotism by cooperating with this administration in its bid to find solutions to the country’s problems such as inflation, corruption, insecurity – banditry and kidnapping that the country is currently facing.” 

Meanwhile, the group added that is not unwilling to any form of legitimate protest to show grievances to government provided the policy or programme of government it is done in good faith and under the laws.