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Thu, Apr

Austerity: 60 Lawmakers Drums Support For Transition To Parliamentary System Of Govt

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About 60 members of the Federal House of Representatives have thrown their weight behind the group that have been advocating for the transition of the Nigerian democracy system into parliamentary to cut the cost of governance in the Nigerian system. Accordingly, the said members are currently seeking for an amendments to the 1999 Constitution to transition from the current presidential system to the parliamentary system of government so that the Nigerian government will have enough money to do some people oriented project for the populace. 

The support as currently being championed by a lawmaker representing Lagos State under the All Progressives Congress, APC, Wale Raji, has began to attract many support as the lawmakers have identified the need for reducing the cost of governance, and robust policy debates among others as some of the reasons for demanding a return to the parliamentary system. 

Meanwhile, there have being a debate by experts on whether the current Nigerian system of the presidential government is responsible for the high cost of governance that have become a clog in the development of a third world country like Nigeria. 

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