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Sun, May

Rivers Crises: Intimidation Has Expiry Date, Fubara Replies Wike

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The face-off between the Rivers state Governor, Sim Fubara and his God father, Nyesome Wike has continued unabated, as the Governor has declared that intimidation has a time frame and, in his case, it has expired at the right time. Fubara’s declaration comes amid his continued face-off with the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nyesom Wike as their aspiration about the Rivers state has failed to reconcile. 

Since October 30, 2023, Rivers State political space has been thrown into what is better described as ‘clash of the Titans’, as the turmoil is threatening the political terrain in the state. 

The crisis came to limelight following an explosion that rocked the hallowed chamber of the State Assembly complex on the night of October 29, 2023 that changes the whole political narrative. 

Subsequently, the state lawmakers initiated an impeachment process against Fubara were four lawmakers got suspended in a controversial manner. 

Consequently, the incident has left the state Assembly deeply divided, with 27 lawmakers aligning with Wike while three remained loyal to Governor Fubara (after the resignation of one, Edison Ehie, who now serves as the Chief-of-Staff to him. 

In an attempt to quell the crisis, President Bola Tinubu had in December 2023, intervened in the crisis, leading to the formulation of an eight-point resolution signed by Fubara and Wike. 

However, this peace pact had failed to quell the unrest in the state as other interest from both parties could not be met. 

Over the weekend, Wike and Fubara have continued to throw banter at each other in the renewed cold war. 

Meanwhile, speaking at the state’s Government House in Port Harcourt, Fubara declared: “Intimidation has a time, and when it expires, it’s over. Even in the bible, Pharaoh intimidated the children of Israel, but it got to a time; the intimidation did not work again. 

“Every bad thing that has a beginning has an end. Don’t worry about me – we have kept that behind; we are looking at the future.”