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Sun, May

2023 Forbes’ List: Ronaldo Emerges Highest-Paid Sportsman After Al-Nassr Move

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Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest-paid athlete after his mega-money transfer to Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr, a move that made him earn nearly double his annual salary, which is reportedly the sum of $136 million, while Paris St Germain duo Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe round off the top three, according to Forbes.

It was reported that out of that $136 million, $90m came from off-field income, including brand partnerships with the likes of Binance and LiveScore.

Ronaldo’s contract has been estimated by the media to be worth more than 200 million Euros (S$294 million).

Below is the Forbes’ list of athletes that made it to the top 10 Highest-paid athletes in world sport 2023;

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - $136million ($46m in on-field earnings)

2. Lionel Messi - $130million ($65m in on-field earnings)

3. Kylian Mbappe - $120million ($100m in on-field earnings)

4. LeBron James - $119.5million ($44.5m in on-field earnings)

5. Canelo Alvarez - $110million ($100m in on-field earnings)

6. Dustin Johnson - $107million ($102m in on-field earnings)

7. Phil Mickelson - $106million ($104m in on-field earnings)

8. Stephen Curry - $100.4million ($48.4m in on-field earnings)

9. Roger Federer - $95.1million ($0.1m in on-field earnings)

10. Kevin Durant - $89.1million ($41.1m in on-field earnings)