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Thu, Nov

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Woods finally puts his intention into writing after he officially signed up for the 2018 US open which has been slated for June 14 – 17 at the Shinnecock Hills Southampton, New York. He has participated in the competition for fourteen times, winning three times in the following year; 2000, 2002, and 2008. The former world number one also played as an amateur in the US open where he withdrew due to a wrist injury.


Tiger Woods is enjoying a massive comeback after his spinal fusion injury, which most people wondered why he didn’t choose that medical procedure before now.


During one interview he stated that “he was not prepared for the risk that comes with the surgery, until he had no choice than to yield to the advice of his medical personnel”.


He regarded is healing process has some sort of miracle, that nobody ever went through the Lower Lumbar Fusion and came back to play this game. Woods said he wanted to be certain for sure if a surgery would be his only viable option of getting better.


The fluidity in his swings on Saturday is a testament of the positive impact of the surgery, which was proven after generating more clubhead speed than any other player in the PGA tour this year.


Tiger Woods made most of his successful play in the history of Golf at the US open and Master’s game. He has won on three varying occasions, in three different ways.


Moments when he didn’t win, he often create wonderful memories that will forever remain in the hearts of his fans and golf lovers all over the world. One of such moments is the US open which held in 2003.


He has his daunting moment which makes parts of the lulls in his career. From making runners up all the way to missed plays, but they are still stories that makes part of the history book.


Tiger has had stellar appearances at the US Open.