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Wed, Jun

Wembley May Host 2021 UCL Final


Clubs Football most prestigious competition the UEFA Champions League is set to move this year final between Chelsea and Man City away from Istanbul to England due to the COVID -19 pandemic. It has been reported that UEFA is prepared to move this month’s Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City from Istanbul to Wembley amidst talks with the UK government who have been trying to move the Champions League from Istanbul to England after placing Turkey on their travel 'red list' last week.

Although Key talks will be held in the coming days where a final decision will be made. According to Secretary of State for Transport of the United Kingdom, Grant Schapps “We are having to be cautious about this, I’m afraid we’re having to put Turkey on the red list and it will have ramifications. Fans should not travel to Turkey. The FA are in discussions with Uefa already on this and we are very open to hosting the final".

“Ultimately it’s the decision of Uefa. We have a successful track record of matches with spectators. I’ve spoken to the sport’s minister, we’re very open to it and in the end, it’s a decision for Uefa but given it’s two English clubs in final we’re waiting to hear what they have to say.” UEFA is believed to want the capacity at Wembley to be raised to 22,500 fans.

Porto is also being touted as a potential venue but there is a growing belief the final will be held at England's national stadium. Nothing is confirmed yet but what an occasion it will be to watch two English teams battling it out at Wembley for the biggest trophy in club football.

Aside from the UCL, the EFL are prepared to move playoff games, due to be held on the same weekend, to different venues or dates in order to allow the Champions League final to take place.