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Experts at the International Telecoms Week conference in Chicago have highlighted the need to accelerate investment in Africa to facilitate the continent's broadband data explosion. Based on the theme 'Achieving A Connected Continent: Leading The Data Explosion Across Africa', the expert panel session with participation from Google, Facebook, WIOCC, Liquid Telecom and Angola Cables discussed strategies for achieving improved broadband access across the continent.

The Internet Society has been closely monitoring the ransomware cyber-attacks that have been occurring over the last couple of days. The malware, which has gone by multiple names, including WannaCry, WannaDecryptor, and WannaCrypt, exploits a flaw in Microsoft Windows that was first reportedly discovered by the National Security Agency (NSA).

 This is a battle that has been raging for some years now, with plenty of good points being made by those on both sides of the argument. But first we need to understand what they are.