Microsoft Teases First Look For Halo Infinite Game At E3 2018

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Microsoft has teased a first look of the new Halo video game at E3 2018 on Sunday. Halo Infinite is a new Halo game that appears to include a giant world associated with it, and vehicles like the classic Warthog.

Microsoft demonstrated a brief teaser video of Halo Infinite at the beginning of its E3 keynote today, and says the new title will be centered on Master Chief and “continues the current storyline” after the events of Halo 5.

Microsoft’s teaser also includes a mention of a new Slipspace Engine that powers Halo Infinite, which has been created by 343 Industries to power future Halo games and experiences. Halo Infinite’s naming and teaser does suggest this might be an open world version of Halo.

343 Industries also describes this new game as “the next chapter of the legendary franchise,” and it will be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

Though Microsoft is not revealing when Halo Infinite will launch, but it’s likely to be a year away from release.

Microsoft also revealed it had bought several indie studios, including two of the UK's leading developers.

The tech giant had previously acknowledged that it needed to do more to build up its range of first-party content.

A total of 18 "console launch" exclusives were announced at the Los Angeles event.