Google Extends Telecom Network Fi to iPhone, Others

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Google on Wednesday announced that it will be extending its “Project Fi” network to support the likes of iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus.

Project Fi, now known as “Google Fi” is a mobile virtual network operator that currently supports only pixel 2 and 3 handsets, alongside Smartphone from LG and Motorola. 

Fi “intelligently” shifts smartphone services between T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and Wi-Fi networks to provide optimal signals, according toGoogle.

The Fi Director, Simon Arscott said: 
“When we launched Project Fi in 2015, we set out to make your wireless experience fast, easy and fair.

We’re proud that we’ve achieved a customer satisfaction score of 90 percent,” Arscott said. 

The network service also aims to take on traditional carriers by letting subscribers pay based on how much data they use and roam internationally.

Fi plans in the US offer unlimited domestic calls and texts, as well as international texts, for $20 monthly. Data costs $10 per gigabyte with a maximum data charge of $60 for an individual user, according to Fi website.

Though Google intends to extend Fi to support a lot more handsets, the company notes that the current crop of Fi-compatible Smartphone will still offer the best user experience for subscribers. They include the Pixel 2and 3, LG G7, LG V35, Moto G6, and Moto X4 Android One Edition.