Dara Oladosu Gets Twitter Job

Personal Tech

Following the visit of the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, Jack Dorsey to Nigeria, a Nigerian Tech developer, Dara Oladosu, and founder of Quoted Replies, has secured a job with the social media platform.


Dara who was filled with excitement last night after he was offered a job at Twitter would help build a native “quoted tweet” feature for the platform.

The deal was reportedly sealed at a meeting in Lagos.

It was established that Dara's app, Quoted Replies, a Twitter-based bot helps users of the platform find quoted replies of tweets without having to go through the hassle of copying, pasting, and searching for it when was discussed.

Dara built the bot in December 2018 after he stumbled upon the ability to copy a tweet’s link and search Twitter for its quoted replies.

Recall that Vigil360 reported earlier in the week that Dorsey, is currently in Nigeria and he had a meet and greet with media personalities as well as Tech developers in Nigeria.