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Wed, May

Nairabox Launches Cinema Subscription Service

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Nigeria’s popular lifestyle platform has announced the revamp and re-launch of its mobile app, introducing new features including a cinema subscription service to allow users to enjoy the full experience of the platform. The platform, being the first of its kind in Nigeria will enable users to watch four of their favourite movies in a month for the cost of one. “This offering is the first of its kind in Nigeria and will bring more value to users and more traffic to the cinema,” Nairabox said in a statement. The platform which hit the scene in 2015, leading in the lifestyle and entertainment sector took a step back during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, reevaluating and enhancing its platform for growth and better user experience.

Tokunbo Adetona, CEO of JORG Technologies, owners of Nairabox said “We want the best value for our customers, so we strive to always create innovative offerings with real value for all stakeholders. With the new Nairabox app, every Nigerian can now watch more movies, the cinemas can welcome back more customers and the movie producer can reach a larger audience.

“Also, our ecosystem brings back food delivery. Our users can order food from an ever-growing array of diverse food vendors available on the app. All from the comfort of their location avoiding queues, traffic, and delays. Nairabox is a wholesome experience that matches your lifestyle choices,” the CEO added.