Bugs Found iPhone FaceTime Threatens User Privacy

Tech Security

Apple's video calling app, FaceTime has been discovered to have bugs issues, one of which allows users to briefly eavesdrop on others via video without them accepting the call.

This facetime bugs is said to be common on iPhone and iPad devices running the iOS 12.1 and also desktop user running the macOS Mojave (10.14.3).

The bug is activated when a user calls someone with FaceTime and swipes up to add others for group FaceTime but then adds his phone number.T he user will then be able to listen to live conversations of other people. This happens without the recipient accepting the call. The bug sometimes show live video of the recipient if the press the volume button to dismiss the call.

Since the discovery, FaceTime users have taken to social media to give their experiences on the success of the bug test. However, iPhone, iPad and Apple PC users have been advised to turn off the app on their devices until the fix is made available.

Meanwhile, Apple has indicated that the Group FaceTime feature on its devices is unavailable.