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Twitter Suspends ‘Blue Tick’ Verification

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Twitter Inc suspended the issuance of the blue tick verification label on Friday after the social media platform was flooded by numerous impostor/parody accounts with the blue tick label. Parody accounts paid and subscribed for the blue tick but Musk’s own company, Tesla and SpaceX, as well as Nintendo, Lockheed Martin, amongst others, fell victim to impostors.

Eli Lilly & Co, the pharmaceutical giant had to issue an apology after an impostor account using the company’s name tweeted that insulin was free.

In a bid to generate revenue, Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, recently announced an $8 monthly fee to anyone willing to pay for the blue tick, which was previously free and reserved for official accounts of celebrities, politicians and other public figures.

After his acquisition of Twitter, Musk also announced that users impersonating accounts without specifying that it was a parody account would be permanently suspended from the platform without warning.