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Sun, May

Twitter Reinstates Blue Ticks For Some Celebrities

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A few days ago, Twitter removed the legacy blue tick from all accounts thereby flooding the platform with unverified accounts owing to nonpayment of the $8 subscription fee. With the launch of paid subscription service Twitter Blue, only users who have subscribed will be able to have a blue checkmark in front of their names along with access to some brand-new features. Due to this development, many celebrities and noted personalities across various domains had lost their coveted verification check mark. However, now, it seems that the microblogging site's new owner Elon Musk has made some exceptions for people who have not enrolled for the service. He seems to have restored the blue badge of users with reportedly over a million followers, a report in Rolling Stone.

This move come after numerous celebrities stood their ground and opted out of the Twitter Blue subscription service. However, the profiles of these celebrities show that they have ‘subscribed to Twitter Blue’, even though they have not.

Some celebrities who have received the blue tick back and have confirmed that they have not paid for it include Stephen King, NBA champion LeBron James, Twitch streamer Hasan Piker, and former US president Donald Trump.

Hasan Piker wrote, "I have no clue how this happened, i absolutely did not buy twitter blue," while Kara Swisher expressed her surprise over the move and wrote, "Good lord, I’ve been LeBroned, Shatnered, Kinged without my consent. No means no, boys."

Musk confirmed paying for some of the accounts himself.