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Tue, Mar

WhatsApp Introduces New Update On Login

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The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has revealed an update that will enable users to log in as many as four smartphones with the same account in WhatsApp one of the most used social media applications. The instant message app boss has considered the update as several users requested for the new features. This was disclosed by META in a statement on 25th April 2013 According to the statement, the new feature aims to make it easier for users to switch between devices without having to log in and out of their accounts constantly.

The statement reads: "Today, we’re improving our multi-device offering further by introducing the ability to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones. "This is a feature highly requested by users, now you can link your phone as one of up to four additional devices, the same as when you link with WhatsApp on web browsers, tablets, and desktops.

"Linking phones as companion devices makes messaging easier. Now you can switch between phones without signing out and pick up your chats where you left off. "Or if you’re a small business owner, additional employees are now able to respond to customers directly from their phones under the same WhatsApp Business account."

"Each linked phone connects to WhatsApp independently, ensuring that your personal messages, media, and calls are end-to-end encrypted, and if your primary device is inactive for a long period, we automatically log you out of all companion devices.