Uber To Introduce 'Paid Ads' On Its Vehicles On April Fool’s Day


Uber is launching a way to make additional income and also for its drivers. The placement of thousands of digital advertisements on top of its ride-hailing vehicles will be under a unit called “Uber OOH Powered by Adomni,” starting from April Fool’s day.

The company has reached a partnership with the ad-tech company Adomni to bring roof-top ads to its fleet, but the pilot phase, it will only be available for drivers in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix before expanding to other cities. Uber OOH, an acronym for the category of “out of home” advertising, is looking to capitalize on a trend that was already starting to take off.

Uber drivers will be able to place ad displays on top of their vehicles through third-party companies like Firefly. This will be the first time that the ride-hailing company plans to roll out ads of its own. Around 1,000 vehicles will feature rooftop ads during the initial rollout.

Drivers for Uber and Uber Eats will get $300 to install the ad device on their vehicle and $100 for every week they spend driving with the display for more than 20 hours. The ad screens will display both eight-second static images and videos.

Adomni already places ads on traditional taxis across the country and published a video to YouTube show what the ads will look like once they’re installed on Uber vehicles. Advertisers can buy ads online based on an available inventory of cars, and data is sent to the digital displays through the internet.