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Fri, Dec

Bolt To Empower Female Drivers in Nigeria

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Mobility and ride-hailing service provider, Bolt has committed N1.25 billion to empower female drivers in Nigeria. The commitment is part of a new campaign launched by the mobility service provider called ‘Women at the Wheel’ which seeks to address the under-representation of women in the mobility sector. The campaign seeks to help women access the additional earning opportunities provided by working as a driver on a ride-hailing platform.

According to Bolt’s director of central operations, Venus Lim, “Women are under-represented in many parts of society, but in the mobility sector, the inequality is particularly stark.

There are many reasons why many women are unlikely to consider becoming a driver and this campaign aims to raise awareness of some of the prejudices held against female drivers and make it easier for women to access flexible, independent work on Bolt and other ride-hailing platforms, something which is particularly important now when the cost of living is going up for everyone.”

According to research conducted by Bolt, being a driver is seen as a job predominantly for men, with one in four women stating that they have not considered it because it wasn’t an activity they saw themselves doing. The company has therefore pledged to increase the number of female drivers and make ride-hailing more lucrative for women in Nigeria as it had ran similar campaigns across eleven countries: Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Romania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Latvia, and Estonia.