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Thu, Feb

Gaza/Israeli War: Hamas Express Readiness For Ceasefire Negotiation

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Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, has today Tuesday expressed their readiness that his followers, the Hamas group is working on a draft agreement with Israel to bring an end to the war currently going on. Haniyeh disclosed that the draft agreement if concluded would lead to an exchange of hostages of prisoners and a longer ceasefire in the Gaza war. 

He confirmed that Hamas had received the proposal that was circulated at the meeting, commenting on the developments related to the Paris meeting and the ideas that were circulated there to stop the aggression and release the prisoners accordingly. 

He further stated that the Palestinian Islamist movement is in the process of studying on it basis that the priority is to stop the aggression, on Gaza, especially women and children dying in their number. 

He hinted that the Hamas leadership was invited to the capital Cairo to discuss the conditions of the Paris draft ceasefire. 

In his statement, “The movement is open to discussing any serious and practical initiatives or ideas, provided that they lead to a comprehensive cessation of aggression. 

As published on the group’s Telegram channel. Haniyeh was optimistic that the deal would secure the shelter process for our people as well as reconstruction and lifting the siege, the Hamas reiterated. 

During the weekend the New York Times reported, citing U.S. government sources that U.S. negotiators had drawn up a draft based on suggestions from Israel and Hamas. 

According to an insider, the deal if finalised could stipulate that Hamas will releases more than 100 hostages and that Israel stops its military action in the Gaza Strip for around two months. 

Hamas abducted around 240 hostages to the Gaza Strip in its brutal attack on Israel on Oct. 7.

dpa/ NAN