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NIN-SIM: FG Extends Deadline To October 31

The Federal Government has extended the deadline for the National Identification Number (NIN)-SIM data verification until 31st October 2021. The reason for the extension was as a result of requests made by stakeholders to accommodate registration in hard-to-reach remote areas, foreigners and diplomatic missions, diaspora, addressing low enrolments in schools and hospitals.

Twitter Introduces Captions For Voice Tweets, Say Goodbye To 'Fleet'

Microblogging app, Twitter has on Thursday announced that it is rolling out captions for its voice tweets feature to enhance the tool. The app also said it will be discontinuing its disappearing image feature “Fleet”, which was launched a few months ago as part of some changes to improve the user’s experience. The company said “We took your feedback and we’re doing the work. To improve accessibility features, captions for voice Tweets are rolling out today. Now when you record a voice Tweet, captions will automatically generate and appear. To view the captions on web, click the “CC” button.”

‘YouTube Shorts’ Now Available In Nigeria, Others

YouTube has announced that the beta version of its new short-form video experience called “YouTube Shorts” is now available in Nigeria and 99 other countries globally, allowing users to create catchy videos from mobile phones. The digital platform first announced the ‘YouTube Shorts’ in September 2020 with a limited release in India and later expanded to 26 other countries.

WhatsApp Launches Snapchat-like View Once Messages

WhatsApp is rolling its much anticipated ‘view once’ message feature on Android, allowing users to send photos and videos that can be viewed once and disappear immediately, similar to the expiring media message on Snapchat. The feature once it goes live will have a clock-like icon next to the “add a caption” bar to select which users can send view once photos and videos to their contacts.

Facebook Plans To Pay Creator $1 billion Through 2022

Tech giant Facebook has announced plans to pay out $1 billion to creators over the next year and a half as part of an effort to court content makers to its many services. This is coming few months after stating that it wouldn’t take a cut from creators making money with a number of its services until 2023.

Some SSiDs Can Disable Your iPhones Forever - Researcher

A security researcher has found out that certain Wi-Fi networks names can disable Wi-Fi on iPhones and other iOS devices, such devices Wi-Fi may become unusable, i.e the device will not be able to use Wi-Fi / any related features even after resetting network settings.

Just In: Microsoft Announces Android Apps On Windows 11

Software giant, Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing Android apps to the Windows 11 Operating System through the Amazon Appstore. Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Microsoft confirmed the development during the Windows 11 event, saying the move could improve the number of apps on the Microsoft platform, adding that the Android apps will run natively on Windows 11 OS and will be downloadable from Amazon’s Appstore.

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