Top US intelligence officials have reportedly warned Americans not to use smartphones from Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE. According to a CNBC report, the heads of CIA, FBI, NSA and the director of national intelligence expressed these concerns during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing late on Tuesday.

Alphabet Inc’s Google on Tuesday have indicated plans to demonstrate a software programming system that would enable emails to feature continuously updating information and greater interactivity.

In a move which intend to make Gmail more dynamic, Google's AMP project will enable users to see automatically updated flight information in a booking confirmation email.

According to Aakash Sahney, a product manager overseeing Gmail, users will be able to fill out surveys without leaving a message or review close-up shots of products in a marketing pitch without opening a browser window.

Twitter has reported its first quarterly net profit helped by a rise in video advertising sales, the BBC reports. The news sent Twitter's shares surging more than 18% in early morning trading in New York. That was despite the number of people using the social network coming in below expectations.

Huawei is scheduled to launch its latest flagship phone in March, Huawei has summoned press to a launch event in Paris on 27 March, where we'll likely see the launch of the Huawei P20 and P20 Plus. Rumours have it that the smartphone(s) will sport a triple-lens rear-camera set up. Huawei's sent teasers to the press to come and "See Moore with AI", with the three Os all-but-confirming that it's planning to shove a trio of lenses on its upcoming flagships.

According to latest estimations, Facebook is struggling to attract younger users. In 2018, less than half of US teenagers are expected to logon to Facebook once per month.

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform worldwide, and is set to serve 169.5 million US users in 2018.

By comparison, Instagram (also owned by Facebook as of 2012) will record 104.7 million US users. Snapchat expects around 86.5 million US users.

The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) says some radio and Television stations have been queried over the broadcasting of inciting contents relating to herdsmen/farmers violent clashes across the country. The NBC Director General Malam Is’haq Moddibo Kawu who disclosed this at a press briefing in Abuja on Thursday said the unnamed stations soon may be sanctioned for the roles they played in escalating the crises. He further disclosed that many of the stations would be fined for their tilted reports of the crises.

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