Typhoon Kammuri Hits Philippines

Typhoon Kammuri has on Tuesday hit the eastern part of the Philippines, bringing heavy storms across the Asian nation and forcing thousands to flee their homes. 

Former Japanese Prime Minister, Yasuhiro Nakasone has died at the age of 101, NHK television reports. He was widely known for his role in amending the country's post war constitution. Nakasone, who was Japan's 71st Prime minister, was the last living PM who served during the Emperor Showa era of 1926 to 1989.

An Iraqi Court has today sentenced a police officer to death by hanging after finding him guilty of killing demonstrators, in the first such sentence in two months of their protracted civil unrest. AFP reports that the Kut criminal Court sentences the police Major to be hanged and jailed another police lieutenant colonel for seven years imprisonment for the individual roles they played in the death of seven civilian protesters in the southern city on November 2, the judicial said.

North Korea has on Thursday fired two unidentified projectiles from an eastern province into the sea off its coast, making it the first launch in nearly one month, South Korea's military said. Japan's coast guard disclosed that it detected the launch by North Korea, adding that the projectiles did not enter its air space or its Exclusive Economic free zone.

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