SpaceX And NASA Crew Set For Return To Earth After Two Months Mission

After a two-month trip to International Space Station, SpaceX and NASA are getting ready to complete their most important joint mission to date, crew Dragon Demo-2, which is the result of the partners' work on their Commercial Crew program designed to certify a SpaceX spacecraft for regular human spaceflight operations. NASA astronauts are already onboard Crew Dragon making their way back to Earth during a multi-hour descent, and later on, Sunday will be splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

US TikTok Ban Inevitable - Trump

United States President Donald Trump has said the popular short-video Chinese app’s with up to 80 million US active monthly users will be banned stating that the app is a threat to National Security.

You Should Delete These Banned Android Apps Right Away

Google has banned 24 apps and has removed the same from its Play Store over concerns that these harmful apps carry hidden codes and malware that might be lurking inside. This malware targets users' Facebook credentials and personal information.

TikTok, WeChat, and 57 Others Banned From India Market

The Indian government has banned TikTok, WeChat, and several other apps, says the apps are ‘prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of the county. India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has banned the Chinese-based apps as the ministry states that the activities of the apps are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India".

India, Chinese Feud: Google Settles Scores Between Both Countries, Takes Down Application

Google has taken down an Indian application from its app store for deleting Chinese applications from mobile phones. Google giant is a company owned by Alphabet Inc., an American conglomerate located in California. The contentious application was calling on users to delete Chinese applications on their phones. The app is like “Remove Chinese Apps” was a top trending free app on Google’s app store in India with over five million downloads in the last two weeks.

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